Hi! I’m Kermitt

I’m a aspiring Pokémon Master User Experience Designer, User Experience Writer, and Technologist.

Previously at Bloom Institute of Technology, Wellington Management, PatientPop, and NASA. I can be reached at dkermitt@gmail.com.

UX Design & UX Writing

Pokémon Go Glass

A mobile app and augmented reality project that allows players to explore the Pokémon filled world in a fun and seamless way.

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UX writing & ux Design

Designing Chatbots
for the Enterprise

Microsoft Teams chatbot suite, focused on organizational performance improvement, used within a 2000 person company.

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UX Design & Ux writing

Incorporating Brand into Product

Redesigning admissions application for a new school with thousands of students from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Digital copywriting & UX wRITING

Writing Copy for a New Financial App

Writing copy that markets a new financial technology product and increases App Store downloads.

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Digital copywriting

Simplifying Content and Contact Text

Writing in-depth SEO rich content for initial content and simplifying contact information.

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